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EU MID LFT. Zhainy

pc - by Zhainy
Posted on 11 Oct 2017

Server: Europe

Hi, I'm Zhainy and I'm looking for a profesional team as a Mid laner.
I've been playing Smite since Season 1. I'm a very agressive player, even thought I'm a 100% objective minded, sometimes I like to look for those highlight plays, . I understand the map and know how to play around it. I play every god in the game and I understtand them good enough for play them at a high level. Relating to MID these are my preferences: Gods with snipes, like Ra or Thoth, high burst dmg gods, like Scylla, I also love utility mages like Nox, Isis or Janus, and I can play every hunter in mid. English is my third language but I'd say I can understand/speak it pretty well, I just need to improve my comms in this language and get used to it. I'm also a pretty good shotcaller but If there's a better one on the team I can let him/her lead.
I'm expecting to enter a serious team with clear objectives, I have a flexible Schedule, and I'm ready to start working.


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