pc skill:pro Alter: 16+ Voice: Discord is playing: Assassinis playing: Mageis playing: Hunter is playing: Conquest

Experienced Player looking for Professional Conquest Team

pc - by ChinFu
Posted on 07 Jan 2018

Server: America

IGN: ChinFu
Main: Jg
Prefs: Jg, Mid, ADC

Bio: Very experienced player who knows how to play well with a wide variety of gods and is looking to be a part of a pro team (esports). My main JG is thanatos, and I am open to learn and grow with a team. Very open schedule, but I do have a part time job. Add me on SMITE and if you see me online we can chat. (PC)


    Hello, I am with Aspire Esports, we are currently holding tryouts for the Solo/Adc lane position, if you are interested add me on discord @-Jett#3865

    by Instahator

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