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I'm looking for a european competitive Smite Team or Org

pc - by Boba
Posted on 12 Jan 2018

Server: Europe

Hi Smiters,

i am looking for a Team in Season 5. First of all, i play Smite since 2014 but i started on Console and play there in competitive Team. Since the beginning of Season 4 i change the Platform from Xbox to PC.

I learned a lot of about Smite, Items and how to play good with all the Game mechanics - just Smite Stuff. I prefer the Role of an ADC, but i can play Mid or Support on a high Level as well.
So if you are interested tell me more about your Team or Org and we will see!

IGN: BobaLive
Age: 27
Language: English, German

You can send me an E-Mail incl. with your IGN or your Team / Org or send me a Message ingame.
E-Mail: Boobaarecr@gmx.de

Thanks for your Attention and Good Luck for Season 5.


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