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pc - by Iamfour
Posted on 18 Dec 2017

Server: Asia

I'm Iamfour.
I'm from the Netherlands and I'd say I speak english pretty fluently. (I've been in a team before)
I've played smite since 2013 now, for offs and ons. About a one and a half years ago I started playing a lot more.
I'm currently Diamond IV in ranked conquest, in the summer I was diamond V (didn't play too much ranked) and in the spring I was diamond I.
I'm also Diamond I in duel atm with 35w/8l.
I currently have about 1400 hours in the game.
I play every role pretty well, i'd say im best in adc, then mid then solo/jgl then supp.

So I want to find a team that wants to train and become at least a challenger cup team.
Add me on smite: Iamfour.


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