ps4 skill:mid Voice: Headset
PSN: Datkat91
is playing: Assassinis playing: Warrioris playing: Guardianis playing: Mageis playing: Hunter is playing: Joustis playing: Conquest

Looking for a few ppl to play with as I get better at the game.

ps4 - by Datkat91
Posted on 17 Sep 2017

Server: America

Been playing the game since last March. spent most of my time last season in ranked duels was happy to end up in platinum from the start and continued to mained ADC. This season I want to focus on team play but get teamed with... less savvy players. Looking for ppl to help me get better as a player. Mssg me on psn: Datkat91


    hi I know some people who need a carry send me a message if interested ps: joopjans

    by joopjans

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