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LF an active solo laner

pc - by RyuYol
Posted on 26 Sep 2017

Server: Europe

Hi, name's Ryu. We are looking for an active solo laner for our team. Our intentions are to scrim teams every week, apply for combines and tournaments whenever they are avalible. The requirements of which we are looking for are:

1. You have a working mic.
2. You have a W/L of 50%<, a K/D/A of 1,5 or more and that you have 800h< spent in-game.
3. You can play anywhere between 4pm - 8pm (BST) on weekdays.
4. You are reasonable and don't act like a child.

Yeah that's quite a big requirement list but everything that i have mentioned so far has to be fulfilled to be able to join us.

Contact me through E-mail or through Discord if you seem interested.
Erikdfire@gmail.com RyuYol#2830


    Already found one. Sorry to dissapoint

    by RyuYol

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