Need dedicated Jungle and Solo lane for season 5

xbox - by RolliStromboli
Posted on 12 Jan 2018

Server: America

Alright, bois, as you all know Season 5 is coming and with it, a fresh start for Smite. I have a three man squad at the moment, but unfortunately and frustratingly, you can not win games when you have two randoms who can't communicate or play well. That is not how we want season 5 to go, especially when Challenger Cup comes around. We currently have a support, carry and me in mid lane. I was solo for season 4 but wanted a new start and we all are practicing those roles. We are looking for two people who know what they are doing in conquest and main or are willing to play Solo lane and Jungle. Who both are willing to communicate and work with a team to build a synergized group who want to win. If interested, message me on Xbox: RolliStromboli, send me what role you like and your best gods. Look forward to meeting you!


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